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The Brother SPEEDIO helps America’s job shops gain a competitive advantage over their competition. SPEEDIO offers a variety of models to machine small, medium, and in some cases, even large parts while incorporating pallet changing and automation options. And with the ad-dition of a rotary or tilt-rotary table, SPEEDIO’s are capable of processing a wide variety of parts in a single workholding. All SPEEDIO models are designed to operate efficiently with minimal waste and high uptime; increasing productivity and growing profits.


Matsuura is a pioneer in 5 axis machining going back more than 2 decades. With many builders jumping into 5 axis, it’s Matsuura who has the experience and understanding of machine kine-matics, and how to make dimensionally difficult 5-axis and complex chiasmatic parts. Coupled with their very own Maxia high-tech spindles, Matsuura also offers proprietary multi-pallet sys-tems and pallet towers, as well as high-capacity matrix magazines on many of their world leading, 72-hour unmanned machines.


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machine Tool company who provide both their user-friendly CNC OD grinders and their world-class large machines. With Mitsubishi, we have the ability to offer virtually every configuration of large part machining, including fixed and moving rail bridge ma-chines, gantry and both floor and table top boring mills. With the MVR EX, we can show our customers how to achieve multi-face machining without moving the part. It’s a real savings when it comes to large part machining.

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Takisawa builds a full line of turning products that includes the high-precision, small footprint TCC series machine all the way up to the 28” chuck size TG Series machines for large part turn-ing. Takisawa also produces a great line of multi-tasking machines and live tool lathes. In busi-ness since 1924, Takisawa knows turning.